07 July 2012

Let 'em Play Coach

  Given all the amazing things that happen in EvE I hope we all know that meta-gaming is a huge part of New Eden.  If you don't, well get out of hi sec people, EvE is much more fun than that.  I know this match is over, but still a good article.

03 July 2012

Blink for 250 Billion

  If you like Blink as much as I do to keep you busy on those long ops, don't forget to Blink a little extra this week as each time you do you could be winning yourself 250 billion isk on the side :)

Fun on SiSi

  Yesterday it seems that CCP decided to let us all have a little fun and seeded titans and super carriers onto the market.  Between fleets and after I got too tired to stay up for another op I hopped over and fitted out an Erebus so I could finally take a spin in every pilots dream.  I spent a solid half hour or more buying Nyxes and warping right into the titan to be DD'd, it's the little things in life.  After that got boring (and I got tired of refitting said Nyx everytime) I sent the alts back in for one or two last doomsdays so I could grab a few screen shots.  It is still quite a sight to behold.

  Guess it's time to go back to TQ and back to regular ships, le sigh.

Step into the light

01 July 2012

AT X FA Wins First Match

  Today was entertaining, FA won our first round of the alliance tournament and with many of us chilling in comms together it was quite funny when our first ship (kitsune) suddenly went *poof* almost as soon as the match got underway.  Above is not the official CCP video as that will likely take some time to come up, but it still works :)

  Enjoy, an interesting fight even without me personally rooting for FA.  Much better than the brick vs brick fight that followed soon after.