29 September 2012

27 September 2012

Back; With a New Corp

    Well, it's been another very long while since I posted and I must admit to being extremely burnt out on EvE again.  At the time I last wrote Fatal Ascension and the CFC were going on our third or fourth campaign of the summer and I had been keeping up a pretty high activity level.  Although the campaigning season slowed a little after that I maintained a higher than normal activity level for a while.  Eventually I got pretty burned out and even considered quitting.  In the end I parted ways with FA and tooled around for a little while before deciding to setup my own corporation.

  With so many of my old friends spread to the four winds of EvE I thought I would create a place for them to join up as well as new and veteran players alike.  We're not going to be pirates but we will be taking on PvP in pretty much any form we can.  If you would like to join up drop me a line in game or swing by our forum to start chatting.  This is a new venture so please bear with me a bit as I get technical issues sorted :)

  While I was away from writing I did stay pretty close to EvE, although I enjoyed not logging in every day.  Ahead of this winter a lot has gone on that I am very late in covering, so I'll just toss a few big ones below.

  • It looks like we are getting a wide variety of ship balancing and CCP is moving away from the tier philosophy to embrace roles more thoroughly.  I don't love every change but I like the ideas very much.
  • TheMittani.com was created to mixed reviews but like everything bearing his name, a lot of noise was made.
  • Unfortunately the EvE community lost Vile Rat; no matter if you loved or loathed him as a player we all feel terrible for him and his family as a person.
  • As a part of the ship balancing we're getting a re balanced mining barge system.  I haven't used a barge in a while but I feel like this is a good thing.  The mining frigates may seem useless to a lot of players but I have no doubt that wormhole dwellers looking to recruit newer players will see this as a huge advance!!!