21 January 2013

Blops gets some love

Not much to add here but I'm just excited because I always want to do more "BLOPS" but often run into the range and other limitations which hamper my fun.

Read more about the changes:

17 January 2013

Modular POS (or at least a little POS love)

  First off, go read and support CSM Two Step and his POS initiative if you agree that POS's are worth a little bit of CCP's time and effort.

  For my money the POS system in EvE has asked players to make a lot of compromises and put up with a lot of hardships in order to use them.  These days less people are forced to "live out of" POS's than they were when they were first introduced; mostly thanks to the proliferation of null-sec stations.  However there are still a fair amount of WH dwellers and others who put up with the shortfalls of the POS system daily.

  For example, a big problem I have personally is the inability to share hangers at a pos with my alliance mates.  I have at least one POS that is used by my alliance but I must keep an alt handy in order to assist them with the hangers.  The ship array can be set to alliance use, so it seems logical that there could be an alliance hanger module as well.  Additionally, I find the permissioning system to be archaic.  Advanced or case by case permissions should be available.  As it stands EvE players have been "making do" with a POS system that was already bad when it was released.  Many of us have been content with the fact that CCP would get around to it; mainly because it may have been terrible but it did at least work.  If CCP is going to abandon the promise of iterating on POS design, I believe it will make a lot of people unhappy.  It's certainly going to make me sad.

  I do understand that POS's affect a much smaller number of players than many things CCP can focus their energy on.  However, I feel that they may be underestimating the market at least a bit here.  Perhaps if POS's were easier or more user friendly they would become more useful to more players.  As it stands many see it as one of those "black magic" areas of EvE that they never want to venture into.  I don't think CCP must redesign the whole system but I do think a lot of patient players deserve a little bit of love in fixing some of the biggest drawbacks at the very least.

  Again, go add your comments to Two Step's post if you like.

11 January 2013

Losing Time

  So, I keep losing track of time and forgetting to post :(

Nothing has really happened anyway, so it's not like I've missed posting anything exciting.

I'm a little underwhelmed by the Battlecruiser changes and I know CCP is always trying to nerf the drake but I have to say I'm a bit bummed at the "playing field leveling" that this appears to be.  I'm late talking about this so you can read more about it at: http://themittani.com/features/review-battlecruiser-tiericidehttp://evenews24.com/2013/01/09/dev-post-retribution-point-release-combat-battlecruisers/, and http://www.ninveah.com/2013/01/combat-battlecruisers.html.