28 February 2020

1 Trillion Isk Destroyed

Following the fighting last night in T-RPFU I surpassed the 1 Trillion Isk mark in damage done since my return to EvE and hooking up with some of my long time friends in Art0n.  It was a fun fight - thanks to all who showed.

Battle Report:


17 February 2020

X-R3NM Changes Hands

Last night I had the pleasure of helping flip X-R3NM for our bros.  The battle turned out to be pretty boring; with only a few actual engagements when we managed to corner the Provi-bloc fleet at a gate or bubble.  Still, it was a fun effort and the work put in on these kind of fleets is what leads to tbe actual fighting that's always fun.


10 August 2019

Laz0rs Make Boom

BR: https://br.inyour.space/?s=3543&b=8733660&e=90&t=OAyvOk (Accidentally let some friendly guardians die because they were too far from the bridge when we left... oops)


19 January 2019



[17:24:29] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Arton
[17:31:53] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : IWZ3-C
[17:33:39] General SHAKTI > pussy
[17:35:48] General SHAKTI > dont ever excuse yourself as a real pvper
[17:36:30] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Arton

19 January 2016

Holy Shit, 1 Year

Uh, Hi... Sorry for any of the (1) of you that might follow this blog.  It's been forever and so much has gone on.  I am very interested in getting up to speed and have basically liquidated assets so that I can be mobile as I need to catch up with my PvP hero buddies.   I will certainly try to keep this blog updated but much has changed since I last posted.  The big one is a 2 year old kid but I am also a "boss" now in my work life; so even though I want to get back into EvE it's already a backseat hobby.

05 February 2014

New Player Influx in EvE

It seems there is an ongoing (if exaggerated) influx of new players as the big titan-pocalypse landed right on a big expansion.  I am looking forward to seeing if some of these new players stick around; this will be a big test of the updates and changes CCP has put in place.  These new players won't be stepping into quite the same world that I once did, and I'm sure most of them will be glad for that.  But here's hoping EvE never loses it's hard edge, no matter how much of a cushion CCP tries to put on it.