18 September 2009

Payout 9/14

Mining Monday
Sorry for the short op, colds really suck.
The Ore has been refined so payouts will be posted as soon as I can sell it.

Op Time: 2.5 Hours
  •  Sarah Tuttle - 11 %
  • Tirnan - 10%
  • Eldra - 6%
  • Victor - 10%
  • Nylint - 9%
  • Kane - 3%
  • Armand - 5%
  • Maduin - 8%
  • Meatay - 13%
  • Meatay - 13%

AU-F - 12%

The payout percentages are calculated based on Mendolus's formula which can be found at: Payout Formula

11 September 2009

Super EveMon

While it may not be quite as amazing as EveMon at some things I have found that the new program EvEHQ is a pretty amazing little tool.  EveMon is going to be tough to replace in the planning department but this program is much better at monitoring while also throwing in a fitting tool which I like just a bit better than EFT.  I would give this program a try if you have ever wanted to search agents, build POS's, check your wallet, or play mad EvE scientists while you monitor your skills.



While I've been out for a Labor Day vacation that we decided to extend I've been away from the internet.  Thankfully the trusty iPhone allowed me to setup a flickr photostream while I was relaxing:
 Meatay's Photostream

02 September 2009

Security Post

Mendolus just posted some clarifications of the security for the corp: Uneasy Truth.

While it may seem a bit harsh these are the types of things that determine success or failure, whether its an EVE corp or a real one.  With our current drive to grow and the loss of some really important members (who I hope are returning soon) this is one of the most important issues to be aware of. 

A corp full of spies just doesn't sound fun, unless of course it were actually a corp... of spies, but that's another discussion.

01 September 2009

Ore Buy Program

In an effort to help both the corp and the members Sarah Tuttle is launching a corp ore buy program to go along with the corporate mining program.  This will allow the miners of the corp to trade the waste and tax of standard refine for a small tax that will help the entire corp in multiple ways: ice products for POS fuel, ore products for production, and cash for new programs. 

Sounds like great program! Program Details

Mining Office Opens

AU-F has opened a new office in Goram to take advantage of the Ice and refineries in the system. 

This is a part of big plans to come for all the miners thanks to Sarah/Merthe's hard work setting up a new program. 

Stay tuned!

Mining Monday

Payout 8/31
Despite an op that had to be cut short because of my RL we managed quite a nice load of ore.  With some new faces and some old ones we mined just over 700,000 cubic meters in short order.

Payouts will be posted as soon as the ore that was mined has been refined and sold.
Op Time: 2 Hours
  • Sarah Tuttle - 13%
  • Tirnan - 13%
  • Mark Blema - 13%
  • Riotman - 7%
  • Nylin - 10%
  • Kane Deckard - 3%
  • Meatay - 13%
  • Meatay Pickle - 13%
AU-F - 15%


The payout percentages are calculated based on Mendolus's formula which can be found at: Payout Formula