31 December 2009

Tell me this doesn't work

While delivering various and assundry goods I happened to read this little blurb in local in one of the systems I passed through:
Jehosh Farrfury: In my wallet is 12 bill isk, send me any amount you like, and then in less than 10 seconds your wallet will contain 5x the amount you actually sent me! Yes, so if you sent me 10m, you will have 50m sent back, Guaranteed!
I had thought I'd seen the last of these when I was done with rookie chat.

Now, EvE is a cutthroat game with scams everywhere you look but this is just plain lazy to me.  I truly hope this doesn't work on people or my faith in humanity may suffer.

New Year, Big Happenings

  With the New Year coming AU-F is making some big moves which are pretty exciting. The alliance guys are making a move to NPC null-sec in an effort to carve out a little living space, while a good chunk of the corp is relocating to Caldari space. The move is meant to help us in a few ways, chiefly in getting the membership back into a general area and reunited after becoming largely disjointed over the past few months. The main reason for this is the increased activity in Providence recently which has made everyday life in the area rather hard.

  It is clear from our discussions that everyone in AU-F has the utmost respect for CVA and what they have done in Providence. However the NRDS policy has made it increasingly tougher to survive. The big change has been a large influx of hostile neutral players looking for easy targets. This is particularly difficult situation for players like me because we are stuck between a rock and a hard place in Providence. If I suspect a neutral to have hostile intentions I cannot act to prevent them by relieving him of his ship and giving him a fast ride home. I also cannot launch my mining ship to tear apart those asteroids because I know that neutral is looking for an easy Hulk kill. With that being said Providence has been good to me in giving me a place to really sink my teeth into null-sec game play. From managing POS’s to blowing up other players Providence has taught me a lot. While many of us feel we need to take a break from the area this respect for CVA and Providence is what prompted the decision to venture into Caldari space; where we should be able to avoid aligning to reds of CVA.

  So for now I will be working on moving my collection of random junk and grinding standings when time allows.

*As an interesting aside I have discovered that unpackaged ships can be carried in a freighter when setup as a courier contract.  I was under the impression this was not true but am happy to be proven wrong!

23 December 2009

Christmas Wish List (for EvE)....

 For all of you that celebrate it; Merry Christmas.  Now that CCP has given us some nice presents I got to thinking about my wish list for EvE.

 I know we all have plenty of 'I Wants' for EvE but all-in-all I love the game.  Still it's fun to dream right?

My Wish List:
1) Faction Carriers; I know, I know; I can't even fly my base model carrier yet but you know you all want to see a pirate carrier, with flame paint job maybe?!?
2) POS repair ship hanger;  I'm not a big WH surfer but in my short time in the unknown realms I felt the need for a simple repair tool.  Of course modules or other ships can do the job and there would be balancing issues for cap ship support etc, but I'm indulging myself here so go with it.
3) General increase in POS usefulness;  With the Sov changes taking the POS out of the lime light for gaining and maintaining control of space it seems like time they look at the usability and utility of POS's in general.  Of course an outpost should always be the better option but I would like to see living out of a POS get a boost.
4) iPhone Ventrillo app; While this isn't a CCP wish one of the best things I could hope to get in the near future would be an app that would let me get on Vent with my iPhone.  With this I could carry my Vent conversations into the kitchen when I need some more eggnogg etc.

Feel free to share your own, and Happy Holidays.

18 December 2009

Scanning Guide

  It looks like the EvE devs are just in a giving mood this holiday season.  After handing out free ships to all (subscription) EvE players they've provided a handy scanning video to help use that free scanner attached to the Zephyr.

You can find the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heYfTA00Idg

  I plan to watch it once or twice as I am a bit rusty when it comes to scanning out WH signatures.  It's been a while since my last major WH action but I'm hoping to explore the vast unknown again soon.

17 December 2009

New Player: Next Steps?

 So what's a new player to do after reading the New Player Guide or some of the other guides available on starting out in EvE? 

 Well if you run missions or enjoy pvp: one word (it could be two, I'm not a professional): BattleCruisers.

 Why?  Well it's pretty simple really; battlecruisers are much tougher and usually more powerful offensive weapons than cruisers, but at the same time they use the same weapons systems.  What this means for you is that you can continue to use the weapons you have been working on for cruisers but they typically become more effective which helps take on those tougher rats or really put the hurt on other players.  Those medium railguns or beam lasers that you crammed onto the cruiser hulls for missioning can be used again on a battlecruiser hull as well.

 This is a bonus because it will allow users who are obsessive optimizers to take a break from learning combat skills to grow in the learning skills.  It also allows those players who want to expand beyond missions to take a break and tackle those desires, all while being able to continue making ISK in missions or even nul-sec belt ratting.

The zephyr lands

So an update; obviously 12/18 EvE time is a bit before 12/18 EST which I failed to take into account. But thanks to some corpmates I realized I could go ahead an claim my free Zephyr now.  Here's a screen in case you haven't gotten around to it yet:

Who doesn't love free stuff?!?

 It looks like the devs have decided to give us a fancy wormhole exploration vessel for Christmas.  You can read about it on the Dev Blog but the Zephyr as it is called is going to be a nearly 0 mass ship with a special probe launcher (that uses normal core probes).  It looks to be built just for wormhole exploration as Sleepers are afraid to attack such a little ship and the low mass will not affect the stability of the wormhole.  Enjoy some shiny screens from the dev blog and be sure to claim yours between 12/18/2009 and 1/6/2010 or you won't be getting one:

14 December 2009

EvE Metrics

 For all of you die hard traders, and anyone looking to make a quick buck EvE Metrics is a pretty handy site.  It's actually a nice idea to compile all that data coming from the API key into a convenient market tool for everyone to use.  I find myself failing at the EvE market far more than I win, however many people seem to do quite well.  Good luck.

New Ship in the Fleet

 I've now climbed into my first non Gallente combat ship, blasphemy I know!  The Drake flies like a dumptruck and looks about as pretty as one.  BUT it's also pretty damn tough, not to mention cheap and easy to find.  Although it's not the biggest damage dealer out there it sure can hang around until the job is done.  It's basically a mini-battleship.

 A lot of people have told me that this ship is the end all when it comes to battle-cruiser combat.  I'm not fully convinced yet because I am pretty attached to my Myrmidon and my little drone friends.  However, those same drones I love are a huge liability in sleeper combat as the AI on those sleeper ships seems to have a particular distaste for drones.  In hoping to rid the universe of a few more sleepers I have decided to embrace the Drake and it's ability to deal damage without drones, while taking plenty of abuse.

 A handy side benefit of training for the Drake is that I am now only days away from flying a whole range of new ships thanks to my advanced training in cruiser hulls.  One of the major ships I'm looking forward to is the Onyx which is the perfect heavy interdictor in my mind.  I love my Phobos as well but I've seen the Onyx take a serious pounding in person.  This also qaulifies me for my first hybrid faction vessel in the Gila which is an amazing, if expensive, ship.

 Anyway, I'm now back on track for my Thanatos after this little detour.

Drake Loadout

11 December 2009

New Alliance Site

Looks like Logic has taken the lid off of the new alliance web site.  Alliance forums and news, very cool.