29 December 2010

I Hate Ore!!!

Well, I actually like ore plenty but I've learned that I hate compressing ore for hours on end.  I managed to let my own ore and some I bought from corp mates stack up into a load of more than 8 million cubic meters, which is taking me quite some time to compress!

Here's hoping I'm still sane come new years!

23 December 2010



  On my way to my own personal pvp experience I managed to run into some pirates who expertly baited me into losing my Onyx.  I did nearly escape to the gate but died just short.  I was both saddened and impressed, especially when the major offending pirate convo'd me shortly afterwards with his apologies for the smack talk that took place in local.  I won't give away their position or their identities (especially because I enjoy them killing most of the people they are killing in that area) but I will say they were extremely professional and I don't mind losing a ship to such an outfit.

  In the meantime I'm working on my isk gathering while I experiment in some facets of PVP that I'm not used to, which is really fun but also frustrating...

  Also, Kirith is looking for a bit of a fight which is fun, but as for me...if at all possible I plan to show up on the side of defense rather than offense :)

15 December 2010

Patch Day Blues?

  I doubt it's only me but I sure as hell miss EvE in the short time we cannot have it on patch days.  It's sort of like Chik-Fil-A on Sunday's.  --For those that don't know Chik-Fil-A is a restaurant that we have mainly in the eastern US which is awesome but closes on Sunday's which makes it pretty much the only day I want it--

  On the plus side we are getting our learning skillpoints back when we come back from the communications blackout with CCP.  There has been a lot of debate about this, honestly going back to my first exposure to EvE. While I did enjoy the complexity that learning skills added to EvE it really hurts the new player experience and I must admit that I am thrilled to be getting SP back now that I know more about how to use them properly!  You have to admit that having 1-3 million of your SP freed up to use any way you like is pretty darn cool.

  Many older players have been upset at the attempts to improve new player experiences in EvE.  I do understand where they are coming from as veterans had it much harder when they began.  However, I do want to point out that if no new players join up then EvE will most likely shut down.  I for one enjoy assisting new players who join our corporation and am happy to share the small amount I have learned since getting started.  I think everyone will benefit from the learning skills change.