08 December 2012

The EvE Lull

It keeps happening to me; every so often I just don't want to log in.  For me the thing that brings me back is my friends in this game and not so much the game itself.  I've found myself getting *older* perhaps but somehow not "feeling" EvE the same way I once did.  Granted, those "glory days" as some of us may think of them were actually pretty hard times in many respects but they also had some feeling of freedom that I feel less and less with each patch.  There was once a CCP who was irreverent when it came to the MMO community and embraced their brazen players.  Now they are trying to get back there but they have gone a long way towards mainstreaming.  Those characters that made EvE have \*sorta*\ pushed through but it has become a PC New Eden despite their efforts.  I lose friends to other games or just not caring anymore monthly.  EveE is really the only MMO I have played or ever will play, and I was lured in by the rogues gallery that it used to be.  I do hope we somehow get back to that feeling; I know we need to bring in fresh blood and I think that is great.  However I don't think that should come at the loss of "eve'ness" so to speak :)