26 October 2012

I'm happy to see CCP back to having a little fun and also keeping in touch with the community more often these days... They are still a mature company now but it's good to see a bit more fun :)

Rixx In a FFA :)


12 October 2012

Bounty Hunting... Maybe

I'm just going to link to the CCP post here because it's a long read and a lot of details but it is a step in the right direction.  It looks like CCP is finally catching up on all the features they never iterated on.  I would say I'm excited that maybe someday (soon?!?) EvE will become a fully functional game but I have to say that with every step EvE makes towards growing up I feel I'm losing a bit of that wild west I fell in love with.  Now... I know this needs to happen and if we want to keep playing EvE it's a good thing, but you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little nostalgic every now and then :)


11 October 2012

I Love A Good Battle Video

So this one is a little old but my buddy in Tri-Gun pointed it out to me... The music is a little much but it's not bad, also it's a great battle!

09 October 2012

Updates to Aggression

  As many of you know the EvE aggression system can be a little like black magic, leaving those who understand it (mostly) with a big advantage over those who don't.  That's especially true when one party understands some of the mechanics but not the intricacies; this can lead to a lot of juicy tears though.  After reading the CCP blog post Introducing new and improved crimewatch it sounds as if there were even some internals at CCP who weren't 100% sure. Thankfully for some EvE players CCP is taking a swing at updating this system.  It sounds like they aren't going to take current functionality away but just update it.  While this won't keep you from being popped for doing something dumb it will publicize the aggression system and it's mechanics, very likely enlightening a lot of people.

  Keeping with this years EvE updates CCP is adding another feature that is probably 10 years behind but still greatly welcomed.  Soon you should have the ability to see your aggression states, and not just have to guess or go run errands while you wait.  I think this one will make pretty much everybody happy.  I know it was probably a massive behind the scenes effort so I'm glad we're getting it now, but this one has been wanted for a long time.

  Still more but exciting changes for those of us that enjoy a little LowSec roam every now and again.  No more insta-death for jumping into HiSec, the battle can just continue on the other side (somehow I assume this might get revisited by CCP).
Illegal attacks on ships (not capsules) in low-sec only incur a Suspect flag. No CONCORD response if the attacker subsequently jumps in to high-sec.

  With potential bounty changes and consensual PvP possibilities it's looking good for winter.