28 June 2012

War Raging On

  EvE is a harsh place and I love it. With our exploratory expedition in Syndicate wrapping up I'll be moving on to join what is shaping up to be something massive out in Delve. To be honest I've read many reports on what is going on but the only thing that really matters is this is could be about as close to an "all-EvE" fight as we may see (at least for now) and I'm very interested to see what actually happens out there. Fatal Ascension will be deploying in support of the Test/PL coalition (which is odd but interesting nonetheless) and the Goonswarm/Friends coalition.  The enemy is formed up in another loose confederation of friends and temporary friends.

As you can see, it's a bit of a trek

  Typically I don't get a lot of play time during the summer months due to the beautiful outdoors and work taking up so much time. Luckily I was able to carve out some time to enjoy the Syndicate expedition and enjoy it I did. We faced a variety of very able opponents in the area including Rooks and Kings who I have always respected for their great tactical abilities as well as fleet composition. As an FC: in my first meeting with them I was trapped and my fleet murdered so I do hope I will continue to learn and improve for the next chance I get to fight them.

  In the Delve deployment I very likely won't have the chance to lead as many fleets as there will be so many coalition FC's around but I will be trying to sneak out and run a few.  I will also be doing my best to assist in the larger fleet fights whenever I get a chance so I'm looking forward to it.  See you in Delve.

21 June 2012

When My Luck Ran Out

So as some may have heard I welped a part of my last tempest fleet but got a lot of guys home safely... That was soon followed by me getting pipebombed by Rooks and Kings. For most of you that don't know, one of the thins I have always wanted to do is go toe to toe with RnK, however this wasn't that... Despite the fine fleets I've had before and since this one sticks with me as I knew exactly how I was about to get raped and just the single decision to warp somewhere caused me to get waxxed by these guys. They are definitely great PvP'ers but I still look to the day when I can take my fleet 1 on 1 with one with them outside of bridge range... we can all have dreams right :)

19 June 2012

Two New Ships/One Night

Even though I've had a Tornado and Tengu fitted up for quite a while now I've not really had the chance to use them.  When I take out my own fleets I typically go for something a little different than either of these fleet types, and most of our coalition fleets also go another direction.  However today I had a chance to take both ships out for a little spin and nab a few kills along the way.

Tornado: http://edk.evemeatay.info/?a=kill_related&kll_id=3094
Tengu: http://edk.evemeatay.info/?a=kill_related&kll_id=3103

Added a few to my total number of ships used, maybe some day I'll get a few more one there: http://edk.evemeatay.info/?a=pilot_detail&plt_ext_id=435212753&view=ships_weapons

02 June 2012

Good time to be back

  After a long vacation in Europe it's good to be back, and just in time for the Alliance Tourney :)