19 February 2013

Retribution 1.1 Lands

  Retribution 1.1 landed and there are many things to discuss in it.  The one that I found surprisingly fun is this:
Added an Autopilot Route Visualizer into the space scene. This option is turned on by default but can be turned off in the Autopilot Route settings utility menu
  This is quite a small change but it adds a lot to the environment and the immersion of EvE for some reason.  We already knew the stars were more than just pretty space ornaments when CCP moved the stargates around to point them the right direction, but it's very neat that they are able to map a route out through the stars in the sky.

Patchnotes: http://community.eveonline.com/updates/patchnotes.asp

08 February 2013

An EvE Documentary?

  I just read on Massively that some Swedish players are attempting to make a documentary on EvE Online. You can fine their Fundraising Site here.  It sounds interesting and I love to see activity from the EvE community.  Lately it had started to appear that the community was getting a lot quieter with some of the heaviest contributors falling silent over the last few years.  I wish these guys luck and I plan to chip them a few dollars at least.