18 December 2011

Getting Whooped

  So, I've been in this game a long time and I'm proud to say I've made a lot of friends.  There are some of these friends that I've alienated in the course of this stupid game and given the fact that you can't please everyone, and there are also those very few friends who have accepted me as I am and enjoyed the ride (yep, it got dirty fast!).  One of the issues that has always divided myself and many of my friends in this game is their view on many of the fights I take part in...  They are of the firm opinion that any fleet that is made of more than 10 people is a blob and that 0.0 alliances somehow cannot PvP by their very nature.  They always fail to take into account the strategic significance of 0.0 fights and the fact that sometimes it's better to discourage attacks with overwhelming force than to encourage good fights in a space where you are trying to make a home.  Many people seem to forget that as a sandbox game, there are a lot of EvE players out there striving for more than just the next great 1V1 fight.  But I hope they never forget that in the crucible that is 0.0, true combat happens daily and I try to prove it whenever I can.

  Of all the things I've done in EvE I've never really scrapped a fleet, but I did that tonight in epic style.  I'm man enough admit that as an FC I got whooped once tonight and had some success later on.  To be fair, the bomber fleet was supposed to be engaging a T1 cruiser fleet but the intel was  bit spotty:


A corpie's vision of one of the good fights we had this week

14 December 2011

New PC

With EvE getting prettier and my old graphics cards melting like butter I decided to upgrade to a brand new PC.  Wife thinks I went overboard, I think I need a bigger monitor :)

02 December 2011

So Pretty

  So, as it's all over the blogosphere; Crucible has landed and it includes some sexy new visuals.  For the bitter vets it also includes an array of changes that are both small and huge at the same time.  Little things like fixing the font and making destroyers actually work are going a long way in repairing a bit of the rift that had grown between CCP and the EvE community.  A lot of people are wondering what amazing things could have been done if CCP had put this type of energy into EvE all along.  For my money, I'm so glad these changes have come but I understand CCP's need to expand their repertoire.  I do hope CCP keeps up the good work they've displayed with this patch even when they do move back to the other projects they had to put on the back-burner to keep EvE from fail-scading.

  For me it's been a good month even if I haven't written anything; I'm lazy :)  Had a fair amount of kills http://edk.evemeatay.info/?a=home&m=11&y=2011 and had a lot of fun which is really all that matters.  Luckily I was able to do this without getting as much playing time as I'd really hoped for; and also spending about a metric shit-ton of my time doing logistics.  I'm looking forward to the new POS fuels personally, but just in case I've put far too much current style fuel in the POS's in the event something goes haywire on us.  I was a little sad about the delay in seeding the new fuel BPO's but I managed to get a set for cheap so I'm happy in the end.  I'm not sure how much research effort I should put in but it appears I should put in at least some.