21 January 2011

EvE news 24 removed

I've removed the EvE news 24 feed because 1) it stopped working correctly and I hate that and 2) it is extremely biased and that is just super annoying.

19 January 2011

New Shinies

  First off let me say that the new character creator was a bit underwhelming.  It seems as if each race has a general face that can be tweaked but still resembles all the other Gallente or Caldari or whatever race your character is.  The woeful lack of clothing choices was also pretty annoying.  So with the bitching portion out of the way;  it is nice to get a chance to re-imagine my characters, especially since they are getting pretty old these days.  I assume the items that were missing from this round will be things that we can pickup in Incarna, and I am okay with that.  Let's just hope we aren't all stuck wearing the same 7 outfits forever...

  Now to jump in with today's meme of showing off our new selves.  I must say I'm not sure yet if I love my work but I certainly like it better than the stupid models of Character Creator 1.0!

Meatay (my main) has always been a bit of a plain fellow.  I took this opportunity to continue that theme.  It's been many years since this guy first ventured out into the universe and I think his new look shows that he has weathered some storms, learned quite a bit, and hardened up a little.

Meatay Pickle has always been my favorite character for some reason.  I had always wanted his look to represent the difficulties of life as a mining foreman by exuding a simple toughness.  He's a bigger type of guy, a bit solitary but too much time sitting alone in his Rorqual may have caused him to go insane.

This is my capital ship (and battleship) expert.  I never really liked his original look but I thought he should keep some aspects of it.  I wanted him to convey a very weathered but highly trained para-military pilot who has the calm lethality needed to effectively fly some of the biggest ships in the universe.  It looks a little too much like Sam Worthington but still I like the new look.

Last but not lease my frigate expert (Meatay Speeday).  This one obviously has some issues.  I'm not sure if they came from spending so much time roaming space alone in tiny ships or caused him to do that.  I also think the radiation from cloaking for hours on end may have fried his brain.

17 January 2011

07 January 2011

One Good Day

  Minus my Obelisk these are my winnings for the day over at Somer.Blink and I haven't even received the pair of Ishtar's I just won!  Needless to say I am a happy camper this afternoon.

05 January 2011

Happy -Belated- New Year

  Here's hoping everyone had a good new year's eve.  I sure did, a bit too god as usual for that particular holiday.  This one was even better though as it was a wedding and a party.

  Anyway, much catching up to do but the holidays were a nice break for me.  I became even more addicted to Somer.Blink! and mini-lotteries.  Plenty of ISK went down the drain there but I also won some interesting ships including a Dramiel, Scimitar, Chimera, and several more standard ones.  I returned the carrier for ISK but kept the others.  I am particularly interested in taking the Dramiel out for a spin.  I've been training my frigate specialist to maximize the Dramiel all year but had gotten in a rut with cheaper ships like the Nemesis or Enyo.  However having won this one should give me the kick in pants I needed to take this pricey little ass-kicker out for a bit.

  So I have that on the list for this year, but right now I don't have much else.  I had wanted to improve my PvP skills and I will continue to work on that but after giving it an honest go in December I can see that I have neither the time or patience to climb into the top five on my corp. kill board.  I think my new goal will be to get say 10 kills a month.

  On the training front my main will be able to fly every race's T1-T2 cruiser sized hulls by the end of January (with T2 guns that is).  I am debating on the move up to Minmatar battleships or on moving laterally into T3 cruiser hulls.  Either way I know I'll be adding an array of awesome ships to my stable but the T3 actually represent less training since I will be maxed out on cruiser sized weapons already.  I am very pleased with my other characters and will take a break from goal oriented training in January to round off any rough spots or max out any lesser supporting skills that I have passed over up to this point.