27 September 2011

Wicked Twisted Road

  Well it's been a long hot summer here and my EvE career has continued to take some twists and turns since I've been away from the blog.  I won't kill you with the boring details but to sum up I started by re-joining my original alliance in EvE with a good chunk of my original friends from the game, we took a break from running the alliance and focused on the corporation, the corp CEO took a break and I became CEO and now; I'm back in Fatal Ascension, this time with my fellow Night Theifs behind me.

  I've taken quite a long road to be here, having been a part of FA during the fall of Providence up to the early days out in Fountain.  It's not always been pretty either but that is probably a tale for another time.  Anyway we're now members of FA, hopefully the summer rust is shaking off of everyone, and there should be more tales to come.