20 August 2010

The Crown?

  I've never really longed to be a CEO in this game, despite all of the years that I have been playing.  Still, I've always been interested in what it takes to run a corporation and all of the work the leadership has been doing for us "grunts."  So I've taken advantage of the downtime during the summer and the mini-break my corp is taking to experiment in creating my own.  Maybe it's just an excuse to play with creating a website and a forum (first time setting up a php forum) but I find it interesting.  I've also already gained an appreciation for the CEO and Directors of AU-F just for dealing with the corporation management screen and setting up the titles.

  At first it was just a little bit of an experiment but I do know that I have plenty of advice to share with new players and the summer lends itself well to "management" for me.  Meaning I can log on plenty but maybe not devote a solid period of time to roaming or ratting.  Because of this I believe I will keep the corp open for a while and hopefully recruit the next batch of pilots to bravely wade from hisec into 0.0.  In the meantime perhaps I can share some knowledge and help them make a little isk.

18 August 2010

In Your Dreams

  I may have been out of EvE for the past few weeks but I've been reading plenty of blogs, dev postings, and forum chatter.  I've actually been working on a post that will kick start my "Getting Started in EvE" project but it's more difficult than expected to pick the best ships of each race for beginners.

  Anyway, I notice your dream ships are? over at Astral's and I thought I might chime in.  I absolutely agree with Rixx over at Evoganda and since he has taken the two sexiest ships in the game I think I have to go another direction.

  As a ratting vessel my newly acquired Rattlesnake is tempting to pick, it sure can tank some amazing damage.  But basically being a super Dominix is about all it's good for.  So on to the ships I would choose to magically appear if I had the choice:

  It's a tough choice between the Sin and the Widow for me, but given the very impressive special abilities I have to go Widow.  This is just one of those ships that I would love to fly but cannot really afford to.  Being an exclusively PvP ship that combination doesn't make it very likely to ever show up in my hanger.  Still, if given a "free" Widow I would certainly love to take it for a spin.


  Of course it's tempting to put down a titan, or even a Nyx here but I have to say that I would choose an Anshar.  Of course it's ugly as sin, and burns gas like a 56 Chevy, but Jump Freighters are both really expensive and really (really) useful.  So that makes it a ship I would love to have given to me.

  So, if anyone out there would like to hand me one of these bad boys please just contract it to me :)