12 July 2013

This is the end

  So, after beating around the bush for a while now I've finally come to the sad conclusion that this is the end of my EvE career.  I've started liquidating assets and before you ask, I'm donating them to my friends who will be using them to further fund PvP in the name of interesting null-sec.

  EvE is basically the only MMO I've ever played, and I cannot say that leaving isn't bitter-sweet.  As much as we gripe and complain day-to-day, I find myself fondly looking back on even the most mundane tasks which I completed in the company of good friends.  I don't use the term friend here lightly either; I feel that I have formed strong relationships that I will be sorry to let go.  Obviously I will attempt to text and speak to these guys regularly but as we all know, time moves on.  I am very glad to have played this crazy game for so long and I will miss it.

  I've decided I need to move on as my wife is expecting and I already felt like I devoted too much energy to EvE.  I appreciate all of the fun, drama, bitching, and every little thing you guys have done to enrich the EvE experience :)

And don't fly safe, ever...