26 April 2011

Old Friends (faggy friendship post)

Many of us have probably forgotten our first months of Eve by now, probably including the people you flew with (that is, if you even had friends)...

I haven't. My starting months in Eve are what made me fall in love with this game, and I have never found anything like it since. When I joined the Aurelius Federation most of us were total noobs. We learned, grew, and adapted together. We died in a fire in our first wardec together - yes that's right, we actually FOUGHT VALIANTLY in a wardec, something you almost never see anymore. We did get a couple kills, though it was more of a failed bum-rush than actually fighting. It was some of the most fun I've ever had in any video game.

Aurelius Federation has since disbanded, and many of the members have left Eve for almost a year.... Until this month :D

This month saw the return of Mendolus and Kuroda Tsu, my fellow officers in AU-F. Out of everyone in Eve, I talked to them the most and developed a friendship that will probably extend beyond Eve. Also returning (and already in -NT- with us) is Falgoria, our resident fail expert and secondary sarcastic smartass. I'm the primary of course.

I'm quite looking forward to much epic YARR with all of them and their return has re-boosted my interest in Eve greatly. Now if only days were 5 hours longer >:D


22 April 2011

What a view

  Jumping onto the new test server (Duality) to see the new Captains Quarters.  It's certainly different having a body in EvE and I would recommend you go check it out.

*Edit: if you want to check out Singularity (SiSi) or Duality I suggest you use the tool that CCP has created vs. the old method of downloading the clients manually.  Check out this thread for details and an official download link http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1377944

  One thing I would like to have changed is the scaling of ships from the balcony.  CCP has always tried to express just how massive these ships are but when you look out over the balcony everything seems small.  I understand that they need to scale it to fit in the most massive ships but hopefully they will add in some auto-zooming or something to work on this.

  For example, even a Thanatos looks a bit puny:

While the Moros looks a lot more like I was expecting (because it's really really big )

19 April 2011

Ouch, that's got to hurt

  With our new favorite war targets now disbanding in an attempt to escape the effects of war it seems that they forgot a few things about EvE.  One thing you should always remember is that "war decs" take 24 hours to drop even when you leave an alliance and surrender.  Another thing you should remember is that lo-sec is a horrible place that you should never go to; but when you do, you should try to avoid gate camps in a freighter.  Also, if you are flying something that even the kill board estimates at over 8 billion isk (freighter + cargo), probably a scout or support fleet would help:  http://killboard.apotheosisofvirtue.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=9038

18 April 2011


  One of the things that AoV has always like to do for fun has been launching a hi-sec war against someone who has been either hanging around our 0.0 homes or looks to give us decent fights.  On that note we recently set off on a war with Hun Reloaded and Valor Empire.  Hun Reloaded has been a bit hard to find but Valor Empire is based nearby and has been much more active.  As a result our war with them has been much more entertaining.

  It looks like we are winning right now as you can see from Dotlan and our campaign to eradicate them.  Fun times :)

*Since Dotlan is subject to change here is the printout for posterity:

17 April 2011

Roaming Under the Influence

  This weekend had been a bit of a bust for a lot of us in AoV.  After completing several CTA fleets and navigating hundreds of systems without seeing much in the way of targets we were a bit disappointed.  Saturday night, with not much left to do we decided to have a bit of fun and take out a fleet with every intention of getting blown up and having a blast doing it.  We grabbed some beers and some cheap ships that we didn't mind losing and took off in a random direction.

  With bad FC'ing (ie me) and a group of about 7 random ships from rifters to vexors we were sure to have a good time, and we certainly did.  We got off to a good start when one of our fleet mates decided to pop this guy while waiting for the rest of us to get our act together.  After that (and the rest of us finally showing up) someone tackled a curse and after debating it for a bit I decided to go ahead and take the kill.  He took out my rifter before we popped him and some of his friends showed up in drakes to push us off the field.  Since we had just started and were doing very well in our K/D value ratio so far we jumped right back into new ships (those of us with losses) and took off again.

  After meeting some drakes that blobbed out the sun and everyone having to scatter in a zig zag motion to avoid dieing horribly we moved on to nearly killing a Rattlesnake who was just one lucky "bump" from not being able to dock up in time.  The Rattlesnake pilot had a friend in a Raven who was pretty elusive.  I managed to slow boat to one of his on grid safe spots (under cloak) and when he returned one of our guys had him tackled until this happened  (one shotted by smart bombs fyi) and we all laughed so hard that no one else was able to tackle him, including me.

  The night continued on until our glorious alliance leader hero tackled a zealot  and we were forced to avoid the blob his death created; including the zealot pilot making the AWFUL move of reshipping into a Thanatos and warping directly to the gate.  Please, if you ever fly a carrier, never do this people, especially not alone! With it getting late we packed up and headed home after not being able to catch a few dramiels and a drake.  All in all a very fun night and a good break from the serious business that has been too much of EvE lately for a lot of us.


15 April 2011

On Recent Events

It takes your enemy and your friend, working together to hurt you to the heart...
~Mark Twain
   As many of you know Fatal Ascension is Under New Management and AoV has had what I'm calling a misunderstanding with Test Alliance Please Ignore-- --further reading on the topic--  --and here as well-- .

  I will limit my discussions on the overall situation or how I feel about it because there is just way too much going on and I know almost none of the most intimate details.  I will say that having flown with Raven Shadows for a while and having known him long after; there are very few finer people in EvE.  Growing -FA- from the ground up could not have been an easy task and I will always admire his work.

  I will also say that as a former corp mate; the new leader of -FA- (Zagdul) is a very capable nuts and bolts guy and I have a strong suspicion he will do quite well at the head of a large alliance. I hope he does not burn himself out in the heady early days of something this major.

  I have to admit that I am a bit heartbroken that the situation between us (AoV) and Test had to happen because as a small alliance we put in a ton of work to assist FA and Test whenever possible and create a long lasting and self sufficient existence in Fountain.  I myself put in days and days of work; and I don't even consider myself a major contributer.  Although there were some issues with participation in non FA fleets, AoV leadership had already taken great pains to rectify this.  I believe we were moving in the right direction (and still are now that we have worked out our next steps in Fountain).

  One of the biggest issues in my mind was the logistics of existing at least 3 capital jumps from an acceptable lo-sec staging system.  This was certainly putting a hurt on our re-supply lines as a relatively small alliance.  Our greatest claim to fame has always been punching above our weight class, but that type of thing is hard to extend to long range logistics.  As we are now pretty well settled in the area I fully expect our combat readiness to increase as we mobilize for a new objective now: supporting our (extremely) long term allies in FA as well as our Test buddies.


06 April 2011

Updated About Me

  I finally updated the About Me section after quite some time.  It's not very good as I'm not really into RP or anything but it's there.  I'm going to try and guilt noldevin into doing one as well; or even better I'll just make one up for him.

Happy patch day btw...