10 October 2011

Capital Re Balance

  Capital ship re balancing is coming and it looks like it may be a bigger step than many of the naysayers previously thought.  I'm not exactly sure how this will all play out but I am pretty certain there will be some angry super capital pilots.  Of course they have spent a lot of time and energy getting that ship so they have a right to be angry but it seems to be the general consensus that the changes are good for EvE.

  As a very big fan of my Moros despite it's long lived lack of usefulness to me so far, I'm interested in the dreadnought changes.  I am sad to see the Moros' drone bay go away because that was the feature that really made it one of the more useful dreads.  It's a bit odd that in buffing dreads they decide to take away a feature BUT; I understand the point being made by removing drones from non carrier capital ships of all sizes (looking at you Titans).  I do hope that as a subsequent re balance they decide to give the dreads back their drones.  In the long run I know those 5 drones don't make that much difference but I have always found having them much better than not, perhaps that's just the Gallente influence though.  I'm interested to see how this plays out and here's hoping my Moros gains a role in fleet fights because I really like that ship for some reason.

  Except for ratting carriers I'm not seeing too much change to standard carriers; they will be a little less effective against smaller ships but they aren't losing their standard drone bays so they will continue to be able to field heavy or medium drones to help with these. We'll see if this sees further changes in either direction, I'm sure this will need a bit of tweaking to get just right.

  The new logoff mechanic is such a big change and something that I think has been lacking for far too long.  I think many will agree that this is an important addition.  Still I hope they keep an eye on this to make sure it isn't too far in the other direction.  With all of these changes CCP will need to keep to their word and monitor the effects because these changes could have big ripples in EvE that we may not completely realize yet (as these things have been seen to happen in the past).

Also, maybe this will lead to some new ships?  Maybe even new capitals?

06 October 2011

Site Redesign (and back from summer)

  It's been a while since this place got a fresh coat of paint.  As a part of shaking off the summer rust in EvE I thought I would take the time to spruce things up around here as well.  First off I contact Rixx Javix over at Evoganda for a shiny new banner design (which also carries over to my killboard).  I really like what he's done with the banner(s), his work is always impressive though.

  In other news things have been active but nothing much worth posting about sadly.  As a new CEO there is plenty of work to be done in and out of game but luckily the Night Thiefs are a strong group of mature guys and it's been pretty fun so far.  There has been plenty of work settling in the new alliance and everyone is trying to shake off both the rust of summer and the distrust of CCP that have combined to make logging in harder and harder this year.  I think Helmar's Post goes a long way towards re-establishing the faith that this game won't just up and quit on us in the near future but it's pretty easy to say the right things so I'll be waiting a bit.