29 January 2014

B-R5RB and Can You Really Leave EvE?!?

  Well, as pretty much everyone has heard B-R5RB had quite the show this week.  The Mittani dot com EvE News 24 

  It just so happened that I had re-subbed my main account (Meatay) a few days prior so I was happily catching up on some EvE news when this broke out.  Unfortunately, having given away every single one of my worldly possessions and isk in EvE to aspiring players and my friends upon quitting, I was in no position to even go get myself killed in the fighting.  It looks like it will be a long road back to being able to fund anything fun in EvE for me but hopefully I still have some friends playing who can give me a hand.

  While patching my EvE client and catching up on all the news I missed, I did a little reading of my own blog through the years.  I find myself (sadly) a bit melancholy in looking back at all the events that have happened in my EvE life.  These days, many of the players I've spoken with are nowhere to be found, and some have unfortunately passed on.  However, EvE still holds a unique and very special place in my heart as the only real MMO I can stand; with the possible exception of DayZ if that counts as an MMO?

  Anyway, I thought I would recount some of my posts that somehow remain relevant, as well as a few I just like :)

So here goes:

-Sorry if any of those posts link to my website resources; I let the domain lapse so even though the resources are still there I need to re-sort the domain situation to fix them.