04 November 2011

Crazy Month

  So, it's been a while... again...  Taking over as the NT CEO has been a little more time consuming than expected; but in a good way.  I've certainly found myself more engaged in the overall game thanks to my duties and as a result have had one of the better months in my career PvP wise:  http://edk.evemeatay.info/?a=home&m=10&y=2011 

  There has also been a lot going on in EvE in general which is exciting.  I know it took a near player revolt but I'm really excited to see the new energy in CCP.  While I know they can't give up on WIS I'm sure happy to see a little focus placed on FIS now.  I'm not exactly sure I like these new tier 3 BC's though.  Don't get me wrong, they look great and I've been begging for new ships, but I'm not sure if these are something anyone really wants. Time will tell, and the real world use of course, hopefully I'm wrong.  On the plus side we're getting some hybrid gun love, even if it isn't a lot.  Hopefully it's a test run and a precursor to further balancing :)

  Anyway, have a good weekend.