10 October 2009

Hello from Europe

Hello guys,

Hope all is going well!

It turns out that the iPhone is really handy so the wife and I started a blog of our trip. If you want to read (mostly her) accounts of our trip and what not feel free to point your browsers to:


Untill I can make it back online for real, take care guys.

-- Posted from my iPhone


  1. LOL just be careful about those usage fees in EURO land, I had no problems using my iPhone all over the country here in the states and incurred no noticeable usage charges.

    However, I've read horror stories about the AT&T international billing rates for iPhones because they push so much data behind the scenes, that you might get charges even while you sleep, >.<

  2. I totally wanted to comment on your mcdonalds picture "Would you like some apple pie with daa-aat" but I couldn't. Thanks flickr.

  3. Haha. Sorry Devin. Flickr isn't my first choice either but it has a free app so I don't have to use the web.

    Yeah mend I read that too thankfully and was able to download something to help make sure I only use wifi and avoid all networks that aren't us.