28 May 2010

What I Like About Tyrannis

  EvEGate is awesome.  I guess am one of those lucky few who can log in at work (or work from home for big events every once in a while) but that doesn't mean I always want to log in just to check up on some mails.  I especially don't want to have the client open all day during important times just so I can continue to read alliance mails without having 20 or more stack up on me.  While I have heard a lot of people making fun of EvEGate (or spacebook) since it was announced I believe this is one of the features that the player community has been wanting since the very beginning and I am so glad that CCP has finally found a way to give it to us.

  To be honest I don't know if I will us Planetary Interaction, call me lazy, but this is also one of the features that the players have been begging for.  Well, not PI per se but the ability to control more of the production and supply chain is certainly something players have wanted.  I have heard a lot of chatter about this being a boring update, and that may be true.  BUT this update is all about some of the players greatest wishes and I really appreciate CCP putting in the energy to make them come true for us.

  And don't forget they did add two new and exciting ships, even if most of us will never see them.
Two new Alliance Tournament VIII ships have been added as prizes for the next tournament’s winners: the Adrestia heavy assault ship and the Utu assault ship. These unique ships will not be seeded on the market and will only be made available to the winners of Alliance Tournament VIII.

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