02 July 2010

CSM Issues

  I was a little disheartened to read Mynxee's recap of the CSM summit while I was traveling this week.  It seems like such a shame for CCP to ask for player input at such a high level and basically ignore the input that isn't a) something they want to do anyway or b) a fully game breaking issue (in the technical sense).  I was also pretty upset to hear about the push back she received on the concept of holding CCP publicly accountable; especially when it was just by listing outstanding issues and their resolution timeline.  I do hope she sticks to her guns here and provides all information that isn't forbidden by the NDA.

Mynxee's recap:

  In the end I do have a lot of faith in CCP though.  They have worked to make so many things right by the player in my experience with them and I hope this is just a growing pain along that road.  The server move issue is just one example of the efforts they have taken.  I admit that I love those free skill points I received.  I am also very interested in exactly what that system was developed for, since CCP admitted that it was already in the pipeline for another reason.  I have my fingers crossed for a form of skill redistribution but I know that would be something that is terribly unfair to new players.  CCP has always taken precautions to both award old players and protect new players, so I will be waiting anxiously to see what this system is meant to do.

On a completely unrelated note, I have really enjoyed Rixx's (over at Evoganda) tales of his "vacation" on Caldari Prime:

and Kirith's breakdown of the amazing special ships of New Eden:

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  1. Lol I stop by the get caught up and then find a surprise at the end! I'm glad someone enjoyed those, I wrote them out right before I went on vacation myself and wished I'd have had more time on them.