20 August 2010

The Crown?

  I've never really longed to be a CEO in this game, despite all of the years that I have been playing.  Still, I've always been interested in what it takes to run a corporation and all of the work the leadership has been doing for us "grunts."  So I've taken advantage of the downtime during the summer and the mini-break my corp is taking to experiment in creating my own.  Maybe it's just an excuse to play with creating a website and a forum (first time setting up a php forum) but I find it interesting.  I've also already gained an appreciation for the CEO and Directors of AU-F just for dealing with the corporation management screen and setting up the titles.

  At first it was just a little bit of an experiment but I do know that I have plenty of advice to share with new players and the summer lends itself well to "management" for me.  Meaning I can log on plenty but maybe not devote a solid period of time to roaming or ratting.  Because of this I believe I will keep the corp open for a while and hopefully recruit the next batch of pilots to bravely wade from hisec into 0.0.  In the meantime perhaps I can share some knowledge and help them make a little isk.

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