05 January 2011

Happy -Belated- New Year

  Here's hoping everyone had a good new year's eve.  I sure did, a bit too god as usual for that particular holiday.  This one was even better though as it was a wedding and a party.

  Anyway, much catching up to do but the holidays were a nice break for me.  I became even more addicted to Somer.Blink! and mini-lotteries.  Plenty of ISK went down the drain there but I also won some interesting ships including a Dramiel, Scimitar, Chimera, and several more standard ones.  I returned the carrier for ISK but kept the others.  I am particularly interested in taking the Dramiel out for a spin.  I've been training my frigate specialist to maximize the Dramiel all year but had gotten in a rut with cheaper ships like the Nemesis or Enyo.  However having won this one should give me the kick in pants I needed to take this pricey little ass-kicker out for a bit.

  So I have that on the list for this year, but right now I don't have much else.  I had wanted to improve my PvP skills and I will continue to work on that but after giving it an honest go in December I can see that I have neither the time or patience to climb into the top five on my corp. kill board.  I think my new goal will be to get say 10 kills a month.

  On the training front my main will be able to fly every race's T1-T2 cruiser sized hulls by the end of January (with T2 guns that is).  I am debating on the move up to Minmatar battleships or on moving laterally into T3 cruiser hulls.  Either way I know I'll be adding an array of awesome ships to my stable but the T3 actually represent less training since I will be maxed out on cruiser sized weapons already.  I am very pleased with my other characters and will take a break from goal oriented training in January to round off any rough spots or max out any lesser supporting skills that I have passed over up to this point.


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