20 June 2011

Piling on CCP

  First off, don't forget to set long skills training for the upcoming Incarna release.  CCP has made incredible strides in streamlining patch day since I first started playing but I think we can all expect some growing pains when adding a whole new technology to the game.

  Many people have been jumping on CCP lately, but I plan to reserve my judgement for Incarna, at least for a while.  While it isn't something that is very important to me I understand the reason it is necessary within EvE.  New players look at this game with a reference and fear that nothing else on the market can match.  Getting those new players to stick around is going to take something that they can sink their teeth into, and considering the time it takes to even get a ship worthy of PvP that something is going to be Incarna.  I'm sure there will be players who never un-dock thanks to the new feature, but there are already a lot of those thanks to an odd pleasure they get from being in Jita.  So even though I'm not all that excited about the new feature I think it will end up being good for the game: *as long as* CCP continues to care about ships in space and doesn't focus entirely on a feature that is aimed at WOW players.

  I do want to give CCP some recognition for handling the lulz DDOS attack pretty well.  They seemed to put in a lot of honest effort and did a pretty good job of updating the player base.  I think everyone understands that there were some "op-sec" concerns with giving out details too early and the updates we got were just fine in my opinion.

  I'd also like to thank CCP for the much improved alliance tournament coverage.  Although we weren't able to watch the first rounds, and I missed much of last weekends rounds with RL, what I did catch was very well done.  It was a lot more exciting than the US Open.
--Congrats to Hydra Reloaded--


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