04 April 2012

Intrepid Crossing CSAA Burn

  Last night Intrepid Crossing (IRC) had a POS containing two CSAAs coming out of reinforced.  The tower was initially attacked by -A- who were possibly payed off to prevent them coming back to kill it.  As you may already know, the CFC is engaged in a little fight in Tenal with Raiden. as well as having prompted -A- to promise a fight after recently assisting in the defense of C-J6MT.  Despite these other commitments the CFC basically dropped everything, formed up, and made a bee-line (it's a pun) for Q-VTWJ.  The battle summary is still a little rough as it doesn't look like everything has landed but it's pretty clear that despite calling a red-pen op IRC did not successfully defend.

  Despite the heavy numbers and extreme TiDi the servers held and for the most part everything remained stable.  It was an impressive example of the changes to EvE to sit on a gate with >100 bubbles anchored and 400+ drakes lobbing missiles at each other (not to mention the other ships) with barely any real de-syncs.  Keep up the good work here CCP!

  From the ground level perspective it did not appear that IRC had much of a strategy outside of anchoring hundreds of bubbles and parking in them.  They ended up being slaughtered pretty handily by at least one of the 4 different types of fleets the CFC fielded for the fight.  Most pilots reshipped and it appeared that many of them grouped up and warped right back into the CFC fleets increasingly overwhelming numbers.  Eventually -A- brought in a fleet looking for a brawl but the killing in Cobalt Edge was over by then.  The (relatively speaking) smaller skirmish took place in Tenal with -A-/IRC engaging the CFC fleet heading home.  Although a bit more respectable the CFC crew won this fight as well.

 From my point of view it was a fun fight as well.


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  1. Hi! Seems like you are still having tons of fun. Hopefully I'm back soon. Can't wait to see what has happened in the last couple of months.