03 July 2012

Fun on SiSi

  Yesterday it seems that CCP decided to let us all have a little fun and seeded titans and super carriers onto the market.  Between fleets and after I got too tired to stay up for another op I hopped over and fitted out an Erebus so I could finally take a spin in every pilots dream.  I spent a solid half hour or more buying Nyxes and warping right into the titan to be DD'd, it's the little things in life.  After that got boring (and I got tired of refitting said Nyx everytime) I sent the alts back in for one or two last doomsdays so I could grab a few screen shots.  It is still quite a sight to behold.

  Guess it's time to go back to TQ and back to regular ships, le sigh.

Step into the light

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