08 November 2012

We Are Recruiting

  My new corporation - Shadowland Rangers -  is recruiting.  We are small and a part of a new alliance but we are growing and are mainly focused on having fun.  We do focus on 0.0 PvP but we stay out of the  SOV game.  Shadowland Rangers is welcoming to all fun loving players and our we are actively immature :)  We are recruiting two types of players at this time
  1. New players or PvE veterans who would like to learn the ways of 0.0 and PvP
  2. Experienced players who are looking for something different or more opportunities for fleet leadership
  We offer a lot of training opportunities as well as openings for experienced or aspiring fleet commanders.  We do require a short interview or a reference, the ability to use TS3, and an API review.  Please feel free to post in our recruitment thread and get in touch with us.