01 March 2013

Flying Fast Tackle

If you have one and haven't already be sure your Sensor Booster is on.  If you are on a gate camp or waiting on someone to jump into you;  Stop your movement and pre-ignite your MWD or AB if you have the capacitor for it.  If not be ready to switch it on.  The reason you will stop your movement in this situation is so that you can accelerate from 0 instead of potentially being on the wrong side or moving the wrong way when the target appears.

Fighting in a Fast Tackle Ship
  • Once you have a target, move towards the target with your AB or MWD on.
  • Lock the target as soon as you are able, and "point" the target as soon as you are close enough.  "Point" is a commonly used term meaning two things. Most often it means you have a warp disruptor engaged on the target (Disruptors have 1 point of warp disruption strength, hence "Point").  It can also be used more loosely for any tackle on the target including Warp scramblers (which have 2 points of disruption strength and may be called out as "Scram" by a fleet member).
  • Only when you actually have the target "pointed": Calmly speak up on comms to inform your FC that you have the target engaged and pointed.  Keep it quick and informational IE: "Meatay has dickfaceenemy pointed" or "point on primary."
  • As you get close to the target (nearing 10k but not necessarily exactly 10k) set your orbit on the target to something outside 6KM but WITHIN your point range of course.  Being outside 6km protects you from smartbombs which are not good for you!
  • Turn off MWDs at this point, pulse it as needed to keep proper distance to target.  AB's can keep running since AB's don't make your ship easier to hit and usually take less capacitor.
  • If you have any fitted turn on stasis webifiers, tracking disruptors, or any other useful modules.  Keep an eye on your capacitor, don't let that point drop!

The Finer Points
Proper Overview Setup
You need to have your overview setup properly.  At the very least please don't have your fleetmates on your overview so you don't accidentally shoot them (facepalm).  If you aren't comfortable setting up your overview or just want to steal my color scheme you can download my overview setup here: http://evemeatay.info/fittings/Meatay's%20Overview%20Pack.zip  After downloading you should unzip the file to your EvE -> Overview folder in your "My Documents" (Windows).  If that folder doesn't exist yet create it ("Overview") and then unzip.  Next, in EvE you will need to be in space; then you can click the little 3 bar thing above your overview and near the bottom will be an option to "Import Overview Settings."  Choose that, pick my file, and voila :)

Flying (Any) Ships Directly Toward an Enemy
Don't do it!  With that said sometimes to get a tackle you will have to do so but if at all possible please attempt to "swerve" towards your target.  By this I mean you should fly in directions that get you closer to your target while keeping up your lateral speed to him (transversal).  This makes it harder for his guns to track you and it makes you live longer.  This is true in pretty much anything smaller than a Battleship.

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