26 August 2009

Mining Competition

The AU-F mining division is holding an internal competition for corporate reserves.

All contributions are welcome, whether you are a miner or not.  All variants count towards their respective ore.


Veldspar:           25,000,000 units
Scordite:           20,000,000 units
Pyroxeres:          17,500,000 units
Plagioclase:        15,000,000 units
Ice:                     7,500 units

When each goal is met the person with the highest total deposited of that type will get a reward.  Nlor Rath has been kind enough to provide rewards for this so they will be a surprise until winners are announced.

The ore/ice may be placed in the Mining tab of the corporate hangers in either Vattuolen or Ukkalen.  If you need hisec hauling please contact Meatay.

When you make a deposit please send an EvEmail with the total of your contribution to Meatay so that your individual contributions can be properly counted.

Current Status going into the 1/23 weekend:

Veldspar:           2,269,353  units  Leader(Durnix)
Scordite:           1,758,115  units  Leader(Mark Blema)
Pyroxeres:          856,607    units  Leader(Mark Blema)
Plagioclase:        1,208,169  units  Leader(Mark Blema)

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