25 August 2009

Mining Op Rules

The AU-F mining fleet has a few simple rules when operating in High Security space.

Listen to the fleet commander when orders are issued. 
This means you should also listen to any combat escort commanders if they ask you to do something.
Manage your drones. 
This is very important!  If you use combat drones to destroy a belt rat ALWAYS bring them back into your drone bay when you are finished.  Unattended drones pose a risk to the fleet as they can attack anyone who does steal from a wreck.
Do not reveal the fleet location. 
The fleet is operating a variety of expensive ships.  Do not broadcast the intended mining location to anyone but fleet members or those who have a reason to know.  All miners should get the location from the AU-F Mining channel if possible.

Be careful "jetcan" mining for the safety of the fleet. 
It is important that the fleet avoids leaving jetcans in the field as much as possible.  Unless told otherwise miners will be allowed to spread out into the belt but should keep jetcans to a minimum.  Once your Cargo is full you are free to jettison a can and use it for a short period.  That can will be tractored in as soon as possible by the Orca pilot.  If you are in range of the Orca, always use the corporate hangers.

Remove the loot from wrecks, then destroy the wreck. 
Just like jetcans, the wrecks of belt rats can cause an enemy pilot to get aggression against a fleet member.  The Orca pilots will always try to handle the wrecks for you but if they do not make an effort to remove the loot and place it into the Orca.
Don't cross the beams. 
The fleet commander will attempt to asign specific ore types to pilots when possible.  However, keep in mind that Hi-Sec asteroid belts typically have short lives under the withering beams of a Hulk so much of the mining will be left to the miners discretion.  In light of this please try to mine from asteroids that are not currently being mined by another player.  This will help us reduce wasted cycles.
Use Ventrillo. 
If you are able to please use vent.  This makes communicating easier and typically makes the entire operation more fun in general.