30 November 2009


 It looks like the Dominion update is on it's way tommorow. If you haven't already obsessed over them you can check out the patch notes here: PatchNotes

 One of the things I am particulary excited about is the new fleet tools.  My favorite part is the ability to post fleets in a manner similar to corporate contracts.  This is going to make ad-hoc activity of all kinds much easier and I am really excited about the possibility of just joining up a fleet in progress such as a Mendolus roam or one of the Alliance fleets.  If taken full advatage of this feature will get rid of a good chunk of the "any fleets?" or "x up for fleet" chatter.  Taking something that we have to handle manually and informally in chat and placing into a new interface is a great step forward for fleets.  Of course I am also excited to use this for pick up mining operations. 
 You can find the full details here: Now Where Did I Put That Fleet?

 Obviously this is a small part of a pretty major upgrade, but I don't really feel qaulified to discuss Sovereignty in a very detailed manner.

 I am looking forward to the update though, as I sure many people are.

 Patch Day: Be sure to set long skills to training people!

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