30 November 2009

So... You're New to Eve?!?

First off, for those of you who love background information: About EvE Online

I have a shiny new frigate, what can I do?
     Just like anything in EvE this has many answers.  If you're looking to mine asteroids dry then your are just a few skills and a mining frigate away.  If you're passions lean to the more violent you can follow a different path and jump into some PvP with just a little training.  Somewhere between these two is the tried and true art of mission running.  We will discuss how to get started in each of these professions in seperate posts.

EvE is complicated! Help!
     EvE is a rewarding and entertaining game but there are times when anyone can find themselves overwhelmed by the many player paths and choices. If I could go back and give myself some advice when I first started it would be this: download EVEMon!!!  You can get EVEMon here: EVEMon Download
     This tool allows you to plan out your characters skill progression based on ships and/or modules you would like to use.  Trying to do this without EVEMon can make EvE far more complicated than it needs to be.
     In order to use EVEMon you will need your Limited API Key from EvE.  This allows the program (and others) to download the details of your character automatically.  You can get the key from EvE's website here:  Limited API Key

Okay, I'm ready to setup some ships and play
     There are a few tools to assist in ship setup and fitting.  In order to take advantage of all the work other people have put in agonizing over ship setups you should check out the EvE forums: EvE Forums Ship Setup
     One of the best tools for creating your setups is EFT (EvE Fitting Tool).  You will also need your API key for this if you would like to see how you skills affect the ship, but it isn't required otherwise.  This little app allows you to play around with ship setups and see how each piece interacts.
     Another great tool for ship setups is EvEHQ which combines EVEMon and EFT in one tool.  I have written a little bit about EvEHQ here: EvEHQ Post

What's next?!?
     If you've decided what you would like to try first, or even if you haven't, keep reading.  Next we are going to dive into a few of the various options for a new player.

If you are ready to move up a bit then I suggest reading some of the great guides Mendolus has put out there for us, starting with Ship Grimoire; Chapter 1 Cruisers.  As well as a pair of definate must reads on surviving low and null security space: Low Security - Travel and Null What You May Not Know

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