23 December 2010



  On my way to my own personal pvp experience I managed to run into some pirates who expertly baited me into losing my Onyx.  I did nearly escape to the gate but died just short.  I was both saddened and impressed, especially when the major offending pirate convo'd me shortly afterwards with his apologies for the smack talk that took place in local.  I won't give away their position or their identities (especially because I enjoy them killing most of the people they are killing in that area) but I will say they were extremely professional and I don't mind losing a ship to such an outfit.

  In the meantime I'm working on my isk gathering while I experiment in some facets of PVP that I'm not used to, which is really fun but also frustrating...

  Also, Kirith is looking for a bit of a fight which is fun, but as for me...if at all possible I plan to show up on the side of defense rather than offense :)

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