07 July 2011

Say what now?!?


I've mentioned this before but it's clear CCP knows that the greatest marketing tool EvE has is the player community and player generated content.  Despite that fact CCP has seemingly pursued a general goal of limiting the strength of player content in favor of their own over the past year or more.  Now it seems they are asking us to provide more examples of the content they aren't exactly helping us create in order to further their marketing.

I want EvE to succeed because this is really the only game I play and its awesome; so I'm not saying the community shouldn't help promote it.  BUT: I do think its kind of a slap in the face to a player-base who just united against content they didn't want. Now they ask them to promote the part of the game they used to have.  If CCP was a person I would probably advise they visit a doctor about their unusual mood swings.


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