11 December 2009

New Alliance Site

Looks like Logic has taken the lid off of the new alliance web site.  Alliance forums and news, very cool.



  1. thank dude!
    the alliance forums will require ceo's to register so i may assign correct rights to them so they can create your corporations private web forums. When i say private i mean private from everyone including those that your ceo's has not given rights to.

  2. Also, i do apologize for its basic look, however its design is to eventually be api interactive so ceo's have the most use of it. API interaction will provide sustem status, basically everything the evemap ingame provides, ability to use agents from the website via a donation of a user api that has access to them, ability to send evemail from website. And many other features that i dont wish to take the time to type out. It will be nice, but its user interface will continue to be simple, as i dont have super amounts of time to make it complex.