11 March 2010

Back In The Saddle

  I haven't posted much lately but for once it was because I've been playing a lot of EvE.  Ushra'Khan has dropped the war dec so instead of hi-sec PvP (which is boring) I have been able to to do a little mining, mission running, and null sec PvP which has been nice. 

  While exploring some new areas in null sec for PvP action I have had the pleasure to fly with a few of Black Claw's (Alexia's) OUCH members and I have been very impressed.  Not only are these guys competent pilots, but they are friendly and absolutely willing to fight which makes them a lot of fun.  I have enjoyed flying along-side OUCH and look forward to many good fights in the future. 

  In other news I finally purchased my Thanatos which is very exciting.  I can fully fit it but before I take it out for any real action I have a few support skills I will be training up, especially those that affect my remote repping ability and (non-fighter) drones.  Being busy with other EvE "stuff" I haven't given her a shakedown yet but I am pretty excited about the chance to do so over the weekend.

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