03 March 2010

Is Cloak Radiation Bad For You???

  After making my poor pilots spend a few hours cloaked last night I had to wonder if that radiation has some afftect on them or the crew.  In fact I'm pretty sure it does but who cares, I love my cloaky ships!  Last night was my first solid play time in a while and I spent a good chunk of the time trying to get my assets to "higher ground" as Providence is facing a flood of red invaders.  The native cloak of my Viator saved me on so many occasions I almost wanted to kiss it.  On one occasion I jumped into a system I believed to be clear only to find local full of reds, and I still escaped.  My escape was mostly due to the absence of a gate camp, however the nimble Viator's ability to slip into a safe spot undetected sure made it less nerve-shattering.

  Once the Viator was no longer needed I fired up the Nemesis for my most valuable assets, it just happened to be in 9UY4-H with plenty of reds.  After an alliance FC gave me some eyes on the station (which I refuse to call Unity) I was off and running.  At first I was followed by a Dramiel to my first warp spot which was about the worst thing I could hope for.  Luckily I managed to evade him as I slipped into the next system with enough time to get cloaked and out of the way before he came in.  After losing the Dramiel I found myself in the path of a red Stealth Bomber roam that seemed to be looking for me.  I had so many chances to bomb them as they landed on the gates I was scouting that it hurt not to, but my cargo was worth more than the chance at a kill to me.  In the end my trusty little Nemesis got me to a blue zone with ease and I breathed a sigh of relief.  The next step was to haul the Viator back out to get some corporate assets out of harms way but this would prove comparatively easy.


  1. Did my own escape from Providence a few weeks back, not the easiest series of trips. Glad to hear yours seems to have gone well.

  2. Glad to hear that many people are making it out without too much loss.

  3. Cloaks possibly emitting harmful radiation? Uh oh...need to get my crew checked, as I love cloaky ships myself.