24 March 2010

Wow, What Happened?!?

     So, I turned around and about two weeks have gone by without me updating the blog at all.  In all fairness to me it has been a really busy two weeks.  First, RL has a tendency to get in the way of fun things far too often, and secondly we've been extremely busy in EvE the past few weeks as FA has made some major moves.  There will more on that coming soon but now I think I'll talk about me, yay!

     I have now taken my first flight in a Thanatos which was a pretty exciting experience.  I felt very prepared stepping into the ship for the first time after doing my homework on the forums and reading about other bloggers experiences (such as Manasi).  For anyone upgrading to a major new ship I always advise that you get the basics of how that ship needs to be handled down before you give it a real try.  However, research doesn't replace experience and I have to say that flying such a serious ship is a little daunting.  The main task so far has been ferrying ships and supplies for the Alliance's movements which has given me some nice practice in the ship.  I am hoping to find the time soon to commit it to offensive actions but I'm not sure when my schedule will allow that.

     I'm sure there will be plenty of critique on my current setup but as a general fleet fit I'm pretty happy with it so far.  Note that the tank is a bit inflated because I was playing with fleet boosters or remote rep when I saved this.


  1. Gratz on the Thanatos bro! She is a nice ship and will serve you well, I am sure.

    Imperial Navy EANM might give you a bit more resists but she looks fairly good to me. How many drones can you control? That's the big key :)

  2. Thanks :)

    Going for Carrier V right now actually for that free 10th drone, and possibly opening up that hi slot if I need more RR.

    I may move over to faction lo's as my budget allows (I am trying keep a replacement fund). Since the ship is already plenty expensive now isn't the time to be cheap.