15 October 2010

Busy Month

So, a lot has happened this month which has kept me busy. I decided to scrap my plans for a corporation because I wanted to focus a lot less on EvE right now. In that theme I have signed up with a new corporation and have ventured back out in to 0.0.
It feels good to back out there, especially now that the carrrier jumps are finished. I was able to get a little assistance from an Anshar which lightened the load considerably. This corp is a very good group that I found through a long time EvE buddy. So far it's been fun to get back to 0.0 and we shall see what adventures there are to be had.

In other news I am sad we are losing Capsuleer because it's my favorite app but I understand the reasoning. Let's just hope somebody somewhere has a change of heart.

Also, 4 hotfixes to EvE?!? What is going on?

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