21 October 2010

Yes Please!

  So the Create A Starship contest is in the semi-finalist stage now and there are some interesting designs.  It got me thinking a little bit about some of the ships I would love to see added to EvE.  These days there are plenty of ships to fly so I don't think CCP should feel the pressure to add new ones, however if they do this is just what I would like to see.

Escort Carrier
  With the recent talk of capital ships growing too abundant this ship seems fitting.  Aside from the respectable DPS the main use for carriers/supercarriers is for their "super-logistics" powers.  The Escort Carrier would take the logistics strengths of it's big brothers but place them in a smaller package.  Of course the miniaturization of these abilities would come with some drawbacks when compared to a full size carrier.  Part of the purpose of this ship would be for CCP to increase either the production cost/difficulty or the skill requirements of the current capital ships while filling the huge gap that would create between capital and sub capital with a smaller ship.
  Because of the need to save space and reduce costs the Escort Carrier will not be able to fit capital sized modules but will have the latest technology to allow BS sized modules to work at a greatly improved efficiency.  This will push the capabilities of this ship beyond that of the BS but leave it short of the standard Carrier.
  This ship class will be able to field a full flight of up to 10 drones (skill dependent) but only have the bandwidth to control 5 fighters at maximum skills.  It also won't have the command and control systems needed to delegate it's fighters that it's bigger brothers have.  This will allow it to field a maximum flight of repair drones and have very respectable DPS but maintain the Carrier's advantage in both of these areas.

What the Escort Carrier would have
-Bonus to Large Modules to make them more effective than they would be on a BS
-Range bonus to Logistics modules closer to that of the Logistics class than the full Carrier class
-Defensive stats and bonuses somewhere between the Tech 2 BS and current Carrier of each race (this will need the most attention for balancing)
-Up to 10 drones, maybe a bonus to logistic drones range or survivability
-Up to 5 fighters
-Jump drive, here the range would be more like the Black Ops BS than the Carrier.
-The limited ability to use gates like a normal ship.  Here I picture the Escort Carrier having to supplement the gates own power for the jump, thus using the same 90% capacitor that a Jump Drive would use but saving fuel.

What the Escort Carrier would NOT have
-Capital class modules
-The ability to fly 10 fighters or the ability to delegate fighters
-The ability to fit triage modules
-Hi Sec clearance from Concord, it would still be locked out of Hi Sec by special order of Concord.

Using the current contest semi finalists try to imagine these designs scaled up for the purpose of an Escort Carrier:


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  1. I like the idea, mostly. It's like a battleship logistics.