27 October 2010

Ultimate Ship?

  I had a post the other day about the Escort Carrier I've always wished CCP would make and that got me thinking about some of the other new ships types they may be able to inject into our EvE universe.  It seems like there are hundreds of possibilities but in the theme of balancing capitals that the Escort Carrier started I will stick with the Pathfinder.
  The Pathfinder class vessel would be a smaller capital sized ship like the Escort Carrier that would have the ability to open a jump bridge between itself and a cynosural field just like a Titan.  It would have local defenses in line with a Carrier or a Dreadnought but would have basically no offense.  It would have a larger cargo bay for fuel and an extreme jump range thanks to the internal drives needed to generate a bridge.  This should increase the utility of the ship.
  But wait; isn't the entire argument that the Titan bridge is too powerful?  Well yes, it is.  However that is only true because smaller alliances simply cannot field a Titan, not to mention the multiple Titans that the big guys can fly.  That provides a huge advantage in being able to bridge cheap ships onto the field of battle.  While this may hurt the most unique advantage of Titans with their growing prevalence I don't see that as such a bad thing.

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