24 February 2011

New Rats to Murder for Profit

  There's been a lot of CCP out there lately surrounding incarna and the myriad of issues (good and bad) that accompany it.  I will reiterate my belief:  I am actually looking forward to incarna and I think it is very cool and exciting, BUT I love my EvE despite the lack of an avatar.  So if a game can make me love it even though I can only look at a thumbnail of my character there must be something there, something worth putting more effort into.  So really my only grief with incarna is the seemingly massive amount of commitment CCP had to put into it while many other issues were not quite as fully addressed.

  So there is my point of view, and now on to the new shinies:  http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=861  For those of you who enjoy a bit of ratting, especially in null sec space, you will no doubt be excited to read that CCP will be fleshing out the DED sites!  Well, I'm excited.  Thanks CCP!


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