13 February 2011

Rokh On!

After over four hours of exchanging Rokh based puns I finally broke down, went to somer.blink and bid on a Rokh.  I won that ship and now (imagine that) I would like to strongly support the Rokh +25 drive!

I would love to link the chat log but I doubt anyone wants to read 4 hours of me spouting Rokh puns so I'll try to dig up some favorites:

-get you rokhs off
-rokhy road
-rokhy horror picture show
-rokhy top (for you ppl from Tennessee)
-Hard Rokh Cafe
-rokh and roll never forgets
-welcome to the rokh
-rokh the cazbah

And that should probably be enough, but I could go on all night...


  1. You forgot "Can't Stop The Rohk!"

  2. For those about to Rohk!
    We salute you

  3. Nice

    Whoa Black Betty (bam-BA-lam)
    Whoa Black Betty (bam-BA-lam)
    She really gets me high (bam-BA-lam)
    You know that's no lie (bam-BA-lam)
    She's so rokh steady (bam-BA-lam)
    She's always ready (bam-BA-lam)

  4. Hmm, I may have to steal some of these ...