25 February 2011

Shameless Battle Report Theft

  I just got this corp-mail and I thought I would share it because it's a very funny story.  Ignore the fact that it's a single sentence, he's foreign and spends way too much time is ECM ships ( I <3 U bro)

earlier in week i mentioned a small private war i was having with a Russian Wormhole Alliance..after killing a few ships i decided i'd like 150million isk as a payment to leave them and their Wormhole in peace.So yeah they refused to pay and during the 5 days i ended up destroying over 1 Billion isk worth of ships and netted myself around 100million in loot..at the cost of 1 Hurricane(o\).So the Russians were pretty pissed..lots of Cyrillic in Local-not much of it complimentary..aaaaaand they really started to log in the numbers so i was fighting 5,6,7 at a time.I decided to leave them alone for 24hours and on making my way back to their system earlier today i noticed that their POS was almost gone..only the Large Gallente Tower remained with <30 minutes til it unanchored.lol..yeah so...a bit of frantic toing and froing saw me get a Badger arranged and waiting logged off in hi-sec when the timer hit<1 minute.In goes the Hurricane to sit right on the tower..the Russian Hauler appears to try scoop it and is 2 volleyed and so i am left with a splendid used Gallente Large Tower to collect-value seems to be about 275 million isk.Total cost to the Russians then...approx 1.3 Billion and they forced out of their "Home"lawlz...all i wanted was 150 and id have been happy.


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