19 May 2011

Enjoying PvP - My Path

  I don't mind saying that for much of my EvE career I wasn't really that "in" to PvP.  I never really minded going on roams or joining ops for the good of the corp/alliance but it wasn't really something I sought out.  Over time I did come to enjoy seeking kills a bit more but always hated the "inconvenience" of PvP.  By that I mean the trouble getting properly fitted ships to a target location and then re-shipping if you lose them.

  Recently though, I feel like I've found my "groove" as far as PvP goes.  After completing cross training on cruiser sized hulls I found that there were many ships out there that I was missing (such as the Hurricane) which make PvP a lot more fun.  I discovered that it is important to find some ships you like flying because it makes it a lot more fun to go out and shoot people.  Even if you end up flying something different occasionally because of fleet needs you will still have a ship out there that you like to fly waiting for you.

  It's also important to find good people to fly with, and I can't overstate that part enough!  One of the great things about AoV is that (despite being a PvP alliance) no one hassles you about stupid losses on the kill board.  I've had many stupid losses so I should know.  I have always hated corps/alliances that fuss at players for losses.  Unless they are out there specifically trying to junk up your kill board you should just be happy they're out there and willing to fight.  It's also important to find a group that makes it fun.  Good FC's help but if you don't like the people you are roaming with you won't be very likely to do it again.

  As a cap pilot I have a bit less trouble these days getting my ships around; but if you aren't a cap pilot make friends with one.  Be willing to light him cynos every so often and throw some fuel (or gas money) his way if you ask him to move some ships for you.  More often than not he will be happy to help you get your gear to where ever it's going.

Also, get new shinies like a fresh KB :)


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