31 May 2011

Summers in EvE

  Summer is barely underway and I've already started to notice a downturn in activity in New Eden.  This happens almost every year as students head home/abroad and weekend days are spent outside.  I have certainly felt it myself as I have been on vacation or outside instead of in game for at least the past week.  This really provides a nice downtime to help stem the burnout many people are probably reaching at this point, especially given the hectic year it has been for some alliances.

  Personally I hope to spend the summer with at least a toe in the waters of New Eden, even if I don't log in anywhere near as much as I normally would.  Hopefully this will be a good time to tick off some of those extremely long skill training paths that are so hard to start when you are logging in more often.  Perhaps I will have my fully maxed out T2 guns for all races by the end of the summer?  In reality I'm sure I'll be sidetracked by a shiny new skill (as I always am) and be only a little closer to my plans.

  I do certainly plan to enjoy my summer though with as much EvE as I can fit in.  For those of you who won't be on until the days get short again, fly safe!


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