14 March 2012

The patches, they burn

  The EvE launcher recently landed, took me by surprise since I had completely forgotten about the patch... whoops.  After going through a few downloads, patches, re-start EvE blah blah blah; everything seemed to work, except my other toons at the same time... whoops.  Oh well, other than being very late for an op after the unexpected DT patch it didn't really affect me too badly and now that I can launch multiple accounts from the same EvE launcher it actually makes it just a little bit faster for me.  Here's hoping that someday it will gain the magical ability to manage multiple accounts via a single secure sign on... a man can dream.

  I suppose if you don't follow the forums or the alternate 0.0 forums out there you may have missed the proposal on changes to Titans.  You should definitely skim that thread: no matter how indifferent or passionate you are about Titans there is some funny tears, trolling, and rage in it.  Oh EvE, you never stop delivering tears.  I'll wait to see what actually comes about I guess since CCP doesn't typically deliver the same things they propose, be it better or worse.

I will copy/paste my response on our alliance forum though for my thoughts in general:

  Even though reality has no place in the "space fluid" of EvE it would make sense that a ship that takes that long to train for and costs that much could somehow manage to tag a nearly mile long Battleship (Maelstrom for example 1,484M length) with a 60+ foot wide projectile (Antimatter XL for example 10M radius) .  
  It's completely ridiculous that it could hit a BC or below though.  But that probably says more about the "physics" of EvE than the way titans work.  It seems logical that MWD make the ship easier to spot and lock onto but it doesn't actually make the size any bigger so that big ass piece of metal still has to somehow land in a very small box in space (again, I know EvE isn't Realistic) .
  Either way, here's hoping Erebus's come down to a price I can afford without mortgaging my house for Plex  

Also, I think you will enjoy this song parody on EvE.  I found it pretty funny/spot on:

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