07 June 2010

AT-8; Better than Sunday morning TV

  I am glad CCP decided to broadcast the early rounds of AT-8 for everyone to enjoy, it was a nice treat.  I also enjoyed watching the Jita-cam and I really wish someone could do this every weekend, or every so often.

  It was definitely interesting to see the unique setups that some teams brought (Death From Above for one).  The battle Badger delivering cap charges and ammo was fun, and not a bad idea since even in destruction some ammo could be still pulled from the wreck.

Death From Above ship selection (click to embiggen)

  With (what looks to be) 83 ship types fielded there was a nice selection of hardware on display.  It was especially nice to see the large number of faction battleships in action.  I was also interested (and amused) to see the effectiveness of bombers, at least in certain situations.  Of course the Drake was the most heavily fielded which is expected I suppose.  They seemed to fair pretty well; although (despite the skew caused by 34 being flown) their 41.2% survival rate shows they weren't necessarily dominate.  In fact in most of the matches I saw they had little affect except to take a long time to kill.  Their firepower and ability to run cap free did prove handy in some instances but it seemed in general they were often defeated by teams with higher outgoing damage, or other abilities.  Don't get me wrong, as a pilot I am a little bit of a Drake fan for it's versatility.  However I do get tired of being able to guess that at least one Drake will be in almost every fleet.

  I can't help but expect variations from most teams next round, although they will all likely save the big changes for the end.  I would definitely be hesitant to keep my previous setup going into another round, simply for fear of being perfectly countered.  I'm sure some teams have plenty of confidence or other reasons to stick with their current ships (HYDRA's sandbagging for example) but here's hoping we get to see more!

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